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28 Day Sugar free and Crafting Challenge


Sugar free February

I have been tinkering around the edges of the whole sugar free diet for a while now.  I do feel so much better going sugar free as I am a bit intolerant of wheat in general.  It makes me feel sleepy, tired and bloated (which makes me wonder why I actually still eat it!).  Sugar is everywhere and so many different forms of it.  Avoiding it will take a concerted effort and goodness knows how I am supposed to go out for a meal.  I am not much of a drinker, do not take it in my coffee but boy do I love a slice of toast, a piece of cake or a Subway Sandwich.

Then there is pick a month to do it.  December, nigh on impossible, January, I started doing it but I came down with that cough virus going around and it has taken 3 weeks to start feeling normal again.  Not a great time to start.  So February it is.  I am single so no worries over the whole Chocolate for Valentines and it is a shorter month – goes to check if it’s a Leap Year – Phew.

To make it more interesting and fun for me I am going to challenge myself to 28 projects for sewing and crafting at the same time.  I figure if I am focusing on something other than food it is going to help.  Because I have a sewing business I often do not do projects for myself, I guess that is way it goes, so I want to combine some things for me and the home, and some things I am considering for my business but just have never got around to it.

I have started a board on Pinterest (way to lose hours in your day) here  and I am also in the process of decluttering and organising so going to combine the whole thing.  Declutter and organise my house and declutter my insides too.

So if there are any suggestions of things you would like to see me try, send me a suggestion.  I hope to complete a full list of 28 projects by the middle of February and work my way through them.  I do think one should be a nice dress or outfit for me after completing the challenge.

Some of my suggestions.

  1. Purse for food budget
  2. Laundry bag for Izzy over night
  3. Swimming Bag
  4. Bath bombs
  5. Peg Bags
  6. Paper flowers
  7. Money box
  8. Lunch bag for Izzy
  9. Dress for me Simplicity E1653 *free with Sew magazine
  10. Car tidy bag – front
  11. car tidy for Izzy
  12. Ironing board tidy
  13. Bunting – because I can
  14. Wire tidy things (I know)
  15. under sewing machine mat
  16. bag charms from plastic
  17. stone painting





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