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Sewing Basket for my little girl

My little girl is going to be 8 this weekend and has really started to be interested in sewing.  I have given her one of my old machines and she is just ready to go.

So I thought, for her birthday, I would make her a sewing basket to keep her things in.  I made her a  needlebook a year or so ago and I know that she loves purple.  I have purchased a pattern from here and had made a nappy caddy previously and thought it would be perfect.

I would highly recommend this pattern, it is well worth the money.  The instructions are easy to follow, the end result is lovely.  You can adjust it to what you want, I added an extra pocket on the back, you could extend the handles and I of course, embroidered her name on it.

I had a little piece of fabric left over so I made her a pin cushion stuffed with all the offcuts of fabric I keep for just this purpose.  It is heavy weight so shouldn’t fly around and may actually encourage her to put her pins in the right place instead of right next to her which is right next to my machine.

Can’t wait to see her little face.


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