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Sugar Free & Crafting – Day 1 & 2

Having stuffed myself full of sugar the day before starting this diet, didn’t particularly feel bad to start with.  I have planned out a few days meals which is going to help and I have to write down what I eat BEFORE I eat it.  I have a pretty little book for this purpose to keep me on track.

So the hardest bit was trying to decide which craft to do first. So many choices, it felt a bit overwhelming.  I tried some stuffed hearts to make into bunting and really didn’t like them, started a fabric box and got disheartened.  It was at this point I realised that I was craving sugar and my motivation was low.  So a bit of knitting was in order whilst I waited out sleeping!

Second day was a lot better.  I eat porridge when I get hungry, easy to make and filling, it’s going to be a staple.

  • 25g porridge oats
  • sprinkle of all spice
  • 175g milk
  • 1 grated up apple
  • Mix together and microwave on high for 4 mins and hey presto.

I realised my mind was craving sugar and carbs but my body wasn’t hungry.


Sugar Hell

One of the more difficult things is having food in for my youngest daughter to eat and make sure she is getting a balanced meal whilst cutting the sugar for me.

She has a bowlful of sweets left over from her birthday just sitting in the hallway!



car-caddy-bagSo onto my crafting project.  I am in the process of getting my car organised and really loved the idea of a car caddy.  This one grabbed my attention and you can find the tutorial here.

It has a secret pocket at the back so you can put some emergency money in it, place for your phone and a great idea of velcro on the bottom to keep it from moving around in the car.






And my completed project.  I had some of the left over apple red canvas fabric from other projects and just had some delivery of the red ticking.  It was meant to be. Because I used canvas fabrics and fusible fleece it is very sturdy to the point that top stitching around the top edge was not going to happen.  The velcro on the bottom is a fabulous idea, it sticks to everything, including my orange jumper as I was making it, not once either!  I think the inner pocket that sits against the console is genius.


And I have lost 2.8lbs in 2 days.




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