What I discovered about sugar free and Crafting

After going sugar free for a whole month I can safely say that my body thanked me.  In fact it does make you wonder why I even started eating sugar again, I guess that is the addictive nature of sugar.  I will go back to lowering my sugar intake.

Crafting however is a whole other story.  What I discovered is that I just do not have enough hours in the day to be able to do all the things I would like to do.  I tried quite a few new things, have started soap making, had a go at clay charms, got busy on the allotment, lined up some DIY, made many different items for my business and personally but there is no way I could achieve, remotely, 28 days of crafting!

It did make me realise that I need to organise my time better and since finishing the challenge I have made more time for me and doing things for me.  Didn’t make myself an outfit, it is still on the to do list! *sigh*.

I did manage to do some importing, something new to me, does that count as crafting 😉  Pom pom trim is just so adorable, I haven’t decided what I want to make with it, yet.


Pom Pom trim all



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