Sugar Free half way there

Half way there and still going strong.  I am amazed at how well I feel, the aches and pains I usually have in the morning are so diminished I barely notice them.  I sleep really well, wake up feeling, well awake.

Not going to lie though, it is hard eating out with your no sugar rule.  You have to take a leap of faith and order carefully.  I went away for the weekend just gone so my daughter had plenty of things she could nibble on but all I could find for myself was some grapes (not too many) and salted cashews (my goodness they are moreish).  First meal out I had a local ham salad.  Cant fault it, pushed the croutons to one side, the ham was lovely and thick and the salad was filling.  Evening meal was a little more tricky but found a brocolli and cauliflower bake and had extra salad instead of the chips.  I would assume there was maybe some flour in the cheese sauce but as an overall I think it was good.

Full English breakfast, minus the fried bread (I really wanted the fried bread, hadn’t had any in years), set me up for the day.  I am so glad the sugar waves and crashes no longer affect me, makes such a difference to be able to go a good few hours between eating and not feel that crash and panic.

As of today, I have lost 5% of my body weight and more cloths are starting to fit me again!

Crafting wise I have tried some clay modelling, made a pea pod charm.  I have completely messed up the kitchen by making some bath bombs and toilet bombs.  More practise is required there, but they smell so good.  It has amused my daughter and myself that whilst washing your hands afterwards your hands fizz up and tickle.  Next challenge will be soap making!








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